CerTest VACCINES, the new CerTest Biotec division

Published On: 09/09/2021170 words0.9 min readCategories: Sin categoría

The Covid-19 pandemic has posed an incomparable challenge to biotechnology: The rapid production of safe and effective vaccines to regain control of the health emergency situation. In the centre of all the investigative efforts made in this direction, we have been witnesses to the resurgence of mRNA vaccines as a highly promising platform, with the capacity to deliver potential vaccine candidates at remarkable speed.

Within the history of CerTest Biotec, one of the main focuses has been the development of platforms for the diagnosis of infectious diseases. This extensive work has enabled us to acquire vast experience in a great variety of pathogens, such as RSV, Influenza or, more recently, SARS-CoV-2.

Based on this previous knowledge in infectious diseases, our goal is to set our minds to developing RNA vaccines against these kinds of pathogens, hoping that the advances we make in this field be a positive contribution that can help face other potential threats in the future.

CerTest VACCINES is now released!